Choose Linux For Your Business

You can look at Linux as a type of a “shadow” player. Even though Windows is omnipresent on practically every desktop or laptop in the world, Linux plays the game from behind the scenes. For example, did you know that Linux runs practically every supercomputer in the world? Well, 99.6% of them, to be exact. And did you know that Linux takes care of most of the servers, embedded systems and most of the smartphones? That alone is a good recommendation as to why Linux should be the choice for your office tech set up. As if that weren’t enough to persuade you, here are a few more reasons why you should go for Linux.

Linux is completely free

If you go for Windows, prepare yourself for a lot of licensing, not just the OS itself, but the antivirus and the upgrades too. With Linux, usage and even distribution are absolutely free. You can save a good buck this way.

Viruses are not an issue

How many times have you formatted your Windows because a virus crashed it? Believe me; I do not want to return to that. Linux is practically immune to viruses and malware. Your business is safe, and you will not waste time nor money on formatting and re-installations.

Linux is quicker

Every businessman knows that time means money. With Linux, your system will boot-up much quicker, applications will open in no time, and the whole process will run smoothly, without any issues. And this fact alone means a few dollars saved.